Sun Damage

Asphalt Roofs - Photo

Sun Damage Considerations

Here in the heart of the front range of Colorado, we get sun, and lots of it. The photo above is an example of a typical sunny day in the Denver metro area, with a multi-family roof system getting its daily dose of intense sun. Our climate is well-known for the 300-or-so days of sun it receives every year. High-altitude locations such as ours have less atmosphere to block the effect of the sun, particularly ultraviolet radiation. Slowly but surely, the sun does its share of significant weather-related roof damage. Even without other more abrupt or sudden weather-related conditions such as hail, wind and ice, the long-term effects of steady solar exposure can diminish the integrity and longevity of a roofing system. The sun does significant damage to roofs over time, and even the more sun-resistant roofing technologies such as metal and tile roofs eventually succumb to the weathering effects of our local star.

Typical sun related roof damage symptoms include warped, split, decayed (and therefore weakened) shingles. Improper or inadequate installation problems increase the probability of accelerated sun damage to a roof. d-7 Roofing employs only seasoned, skilled professionals who understand and use roofing industry best practices as well as the best materials available, tailored to the specific needs of each homeowner or multi-unit building representative.

Sun Damage Inspection

A visual inspection from ground level may detect some of the more obvious roofing problems, but this method often overlooks important problems due to solar exposure and overall roof system deterioration. After a roof has seen many years of service, particularly if the roof has reached or exceeded its expected lifetime, or if you’re just unsure about your roof’s integrity, call us for a free roof inspection. A professional roofing inspection is usually the only way to know if your roof is sound and fully functioning. d-7 Roofing is fully qualified to inspect your roof, whether you are a home-owner or a business professional responsible for extensive roof inventory, such as apartment or condominium roofing projects.

d-7 Roofing can also repair (or more typically replace) sun-damaged roof components, and will explain the various trade-offs involved, including varying ratings of different roofing components. If solar damage to your roof has gone beyond simple repair (which is most typical), replacement of shingles is often required. As this article explains, a lighter, more reflective color for a roof replacement may offer extended life and performance, due to decreased heating and thermal-cycling (expansion and contraction) effects. Side benefits include decreased cooling costs, which translate to economic and environmental advantages.

Learn more about our d-7 Roofing’s roof repair programs tailored to your specific roofing repair needs:

Contact d-7 Roofing now for all sun-related roof repair questions or to schedule a free inspection.

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