Roof Aging and Lifespan

re-roof on older home

Roof Lifespan and Aging Considerations

Each climate – and micro-climate – has its own unique factors that decide how long a typical roof of a given type is likely to last. Here in the greater Denver, Colorado region, we have a full range of climatic conditions to contend with that effect the lifespan of our roofs. (The photo above shows a stately older home, recently re-roofed.)

First and foremost in the climate arsenal’s for attack on roofs is the sun, and our 300+ days of it take their toll on roof longevity here. Then we have all different types of precipitation, including hail, ice and wind, as well as lightning, earthquakes, etc. Each of these weather factors tend to shorten the useful life of a roof, everything being equal.

In today’s economy, we sometimes forget that small preventative efforts (including roof inspections and prompt repairs) can often save the costs of much more expensive repairs later if problems are left unchecked and serious damage occurs to not only the roof but the supporting structure and/or building contents underneath. These expenses often are many times (or even orders of magnitude) more expensive, especially when one considers safety and liability issues. The old adage of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is particularly appropriate when it comes to your roof, since it protects everything underneath. Your roof is the first line of defense for your home or business from all the major elements.

Typical roof aging symptoms include warped, split, decayed (and therefore weakened) shingles. Specifically for tile, a common problem is the use of felt underlayment that doesn’t have the same lifespan as the tiles above it, resulting in a roof that looks OK (because the tiles are intact), but the roof leaks because the base material has failed prematurely. Improper or inadequate installation problems increase accelerated aging of a roof. d-7 Roofing employs only seasoned, skilled professionals who understand and use roofing industry best practices as well as the best materials available, tailored to the specific needs of each homeowner or multi-unit building representative.

Roof Service Life Inspection

A quick inspection from street level may show a few signs of more obvious roof aging. However, this technique often misses important problems revealed by a closer, on-roof inspection by experts who know what to look for in great detail after years or decades of practice. After a roof has seen many years of service, particularly if the roof has reached or exceeded its expected lifetime, or if you’re just unsure about your roof’s integrity, call us for a free roof inspection. A professional roofing inspection is usually the only way to know if your roof is sound and fully functioning. d-7 Roofing is fully qualified to inspect your roof, whether you are a home-owner or a business professional responsible for extensive roof inventory, such as apartment or condominium roofing projects.

d-7 Roofing can also repair (or more typically replace) age-damaged roof components. We will explain the various trade-offs involved, including varying ratings and typical life expectancies of different roofing components, as well as the pros and cons of replacement vs. repair costs based on the likely useful service life of your existing roof system. If your roof has aged beyond the scope of simple repairs (which is typical), replacement is often required.

Learn more about our d-7 Roofing’s roof repair programs tailored to your specific roofing repair needs:

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