Inadequate or Improper Installation of Roof Support Components

structural damage

Supporting structural roof components form the foundation for any roof system. Your roof attaches to this plywood and/or other structural support components. If this foundation is not sound, all bets are off for the longevity and performance of your roof. Just as you insist on a firm, sound footing for your home or business structures overall, your roof deserves the same robust starting point.

d-7 Roofing thoroughly inspects your roof decking before replacement or new construction, and ensures that any repairs receive the same care and attention to this critical area.

Below are typical concerns that d-7 Roofing addresses with quality service, workmanship and the best materials.

Inadequate or Soft Decking

Age, as well as repetitive wetting and drying, or wood rot, may cause deterioration and/or delamination of plywood panels, usually requiring replacement. Any weakness (such as sagging, buckling, ridging, mold or delamination in the supporting roof decking translates to weakness in the roof system above it. If the wooden panels the roofing rests upon are not firm, it aggravates, cracking, warping, sealants and fasteners loosening.

Inadequate or Missing Eave Fascia or Soffits

Soffits, eaves and overhanging gables are particularly vulnerable to water damage caused by ice or water dams, inadequate or improperly installed flashing, torn or cracked shingles, and faulty gutters. After water intrusion, rot rapidly spreads since wood stays damp within dank, dark enclosed spaces. Nesting squirrels and birds can also be culprits in eave damage. These animals can peck or chew through new eaves. However, they are particularly attracted to water-damaged soffits or fascia, since there’s less work to invade soft and weakened wood. Hornets, wasps and bees build their nests in and under eaves, too. Before you repair or re-roof a building, phone a professional exterminator if you notice these insects buzzing around your eaves; the nests aren’t always visible.

d-7 Roofing can repair and/or replace inadequate or improperly installed roof support components (e.g. plywood roof decking) to protect your roof from future damage, before roofing repairs or roof replacement.

We work extensively with local and national insurance organizations to streamline the process. We lower your involvement with paperwork (and ensure its correct completion) and keep your expenses to a minimum, while extending the your roof’s service to the longest possible lifetime.

Learn more about our d-7 Roofing’s roof repair programs tailored to your specific roofing repair needs:

Contact d-7 Roofing now for all roof repair questions about supporting structural components or to schedule a free inspection.

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